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Construction Portable Restrooms Lake County Indiana

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Date Posted: September 24, 2020
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Premier Porta Potty:
Lake County Indiana Construction Industry Portable Restrooms Specialists




The construction industry in Crown Point and St. John Indiana is growing by leaps and bounds. The cities are blossoming with new and innovative plans and there is little sign that it will slow down. Each project is being carefully planned and as contractors take on the assignments, it also means more jobs are being filled. One requirement that is shared by each construction project is in ensuring that the location has sufficient portable restrooms. Everyone knows that there is a loss of time and money if portable restrooms aren’t available and Premier Porta Potty has been proudly serving the Lake County area for 16 years with the highest quality of portable restroom service.


In this time of COVID-19 Premier Porta Potty wants to ensure all of our clients that we have all staff that take additional health and safety steps for sterilization and have personal protection wear for those involved in setting up, cleaning, and relocating every unit.


Crown Point, Indiana may be 183 years old but those in charge have made sure that it retains both the beauty of its history and forward thinking progress. From the $100 million complex to Bulldog Park, the city planners are taking great care to make sure their city does everything the right way. Statistical Atlas has listed the construction industry in Crown Point as the third highest industry in the city. They have also established specific guidelines at every step and this includes rules regarding portable restrooms. Premier Porta Potty maintains up-to-date information on compliance and offers selections of portable restrooms that match the needs of the contractor budget and the workers.


St. John, Indiana is expanding in both residential and commercial building as well as some large road projects. The Shops 96 project is moving along at a fast clip and The Preserve residential development program brings about 93rd Avenue improvements. Statistical Atlas has the construction industry listed as the sixth largest in the city. The city has created specific steps to make sure that all guidelines are complied with regarding the safety of their environment. An important aspect of building anywhere involves compliance with ordinances regarding portable restrooms. Premier Porta Potty works closely with St John to keep up on all rules so that we deliver clean and hygienic portable restrooms to all of our St John’s clients.


We Take Care Of:


Delivery of the quantity of portable restrooms that your site requires, daily cleaning, sterilizing, deodorizing, and restocking of all materials. We coordinate both delivery and pickup around the busy schedule of our construction vendors as well as relocate to multiple sites. We are flexible to accommodate additional units when needed as well as changing type and requirements. If units are to be taken to a location with difficult terrain we also offer a delivery lifting bracket.


The most popular portable restroom for the construction industry is our “Standard Model” that includes:




Additional amenities of choice: