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Porter County, Indiana Porta Potty Rentals

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Date Posted: September 24, 2020
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Premier Porta Potty Services Porter County


porter county indiana porta potty



Porter County, Indiana is an incredible place that so many call home. There is an abundance of activities and growth in the community and Premier Porta Potty is pleased to be a partner in supplying the highest quality restroom facilities and service. Whether you are having a family event, concert, festival or are in construction, our professional team works closely to make sure that you have hygienic, clean, and useful restrooms.


In today’s focus to be safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are reassuring our clients that we are taking extra steps to ensure sterilization and cleanliness, and have staff that are equipped with personal protection outfits to maintain good hygiene. Our goal is to make every effort to keep our communities safe during this crisis.


Premier Porta Potty has been committed to developing and providing only the highest quality portable restrooms. We have an array of selections to accommodate any kind of event. Our team will consult with you to do an in-depth analysis of the event or location, verify any city or county guidelines that need to be complied with, establish the number of units that you will need and coordinate expedient delivery, cleanout, and pickup.


The type of portable restrooms is completely dependent upon your choice. We give a number of options to select from so that your guests and/or employees are comfortable and feel secure. Our services include complete stocking, deodorizing, sterilization, and for multiple days we take care of everything before your guests arrive for the day.





Premier Porta Potty Services Take care of Porter County:




Porter County, Indiana: The Place Everyone Loves to be From



Indiana is part of the true Americana and Porter County may be one location that best represents that philosophy. On Indiana’s northern edge. Porter County is bordered by Lake Michigan, the Kankakee River, and part of the East Arm Little Calumet River. While it is considered part of the Chicago Metropolitan area, the county’s nearing 165,000 residents are spread out in a combination of rural, historic, and eclectic areas. Weather in Porter County is typical for the Midwest, with lovely springs and falls, warm summers at a high of 83 degrees F and colder winters at a low of -25 degrees F. Rainfall runs from 1.82” in February to 4.6” in June.


A favorite location to live and visit, Porter County is home to some of the most beautiful parks in the country. Both locals and visitors take advantage of the cross-country skiing, running, biking, hiking and walking trails that are available in the Brinkca-Cross Gardens, Calumet Trail, Dunn’s Bridge County Park, and Sunset Hill Farm County Park. Events and festivals are of special interest in the Sunset Hill Farm County Park which can be attended from May through November. The special treat of the area is the Indiana Dunes National Park that features 15 acres of natural wonder.



More about the Parks


The beauty of the parks in Porter County means that there is fun almost year round.


Sunset Hill Farm Park is in Valparaiso, Indiana and has been called the center of Porter County activity. Each year there are festivals and events, field trips, and activities for people of all ages.


Brincka Cross Gardens in Michigan City was actually develop by the artist Bill Brincka when he was an Art Institute of Chicago professor. He decided to expand his creative imagination and craft the idea of art in nature. It took Bill and his companion Basil Cross 40 years to develop the landscaped gardens.


Brookdale Park in Chesterson is a small park that encircles an agricultural field. It leads to a large-mouth bass, carp, crappies, and blue gill catch and fish pond. Popular with families it has lots of grassy areas and picnic tables.


Dunn’s Bridge in Kouts is a starting point to some of the most environmentally unique areas. It is an historic and legendary landmark and part of the Dunn’s Bridge County Park.


The county also boasts an incredible number of museums and live theater which feature productions by historic societies, art collections, and some of the latest in the performing arts. With an average age of 39 years, it’s no surprise that the residents of Porter County are focused on education, and good income combined with the enjoyment of life.


Porter County has become a top stop off point for daycations. As part of the Northwest Indiana region, the cities have beaches, trails, bogs, marshes, prairies and dunes along with breweries, wineries, botanic gardens, and even bison at Kankakee Sands.

For campers, there is the Dunewood Campground in Indiana Dunes State Park where you can go horseback riding, hiking, swimming, and birdwatching. The best trails for walking and hiking include: