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No matter what size of a course or whether you are hosting an event, we proudly offer some of the highest quality outdoor restrooms for all of your players. We understand the unique porta-potty-golf-courserequirements that are needed for porta potties on the golf course and work with you to recommend the best fit. We know that the players want to focus on their game so we go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that they have healthy, clean, and attractive restroom facilities.


Standard all the way to VIP


Our rental prices are very reasonable and our standard outdoor restrooms come with lighting, proper ventilation, hand washing area, and a supply of toilet paper. However, if you have more discerning players, you might want to consider such amenities as: larger size, toilet and urinal, full sink, paper towels and toilet paper, mirrors, additional hand sanitizing station, heating and air conditioning options, model to accommodate the handicapped and storage tank that is easily added. Our customer care representative can discuss the options with you.


We go Beyond Clean


Our portable restrooms arrive in pristine condition. They are washed and sanitized with antibacterial and antiviral cleansers, as well as deodorized. During this COVID-19 situation, we make sure that each of our technicians takes extra precautions with additional protective wear.


Location, Delivery, Cleanup


For the best recommendation of our services we will discuss the number of people per day that intend to use the facilities which will also determine how many restrooms that you will need. Course sizes vary and we can talk about the suggested distances between restrooms. Delivery is coordinated with your staff so that all course protection is maintained. We will maintain the facilities based on a schedule that you provide so that each of the porta potties is cleaned, scrubbed, sanitized, deodorized, and ready for the next day’s games. Our service department is on call in the case that you need additional supplies or a service cleaning outside of the normal schedule.


Additional Considerations


Courses often have food and beverage vendors but may not have facilities close enough to accommodate the needs of the players. We know that the more liquids that are consumed, the more that people will have to take breaks to use to the restroom. Our customer care representatives will map out recommended placements so that no player is put in a compromising position that postpones the game.


Ladies’ Preferences


Golfing appeals to all of the sexes and we know that female golfers demand exceptional restroom facilities. In a Golf Course Trades article:



“Donna Orender, an author and women’s advocate, told attendees of this year’s Golf Industry Show about the importance of providing quality restrooms if they want to appeal to women who make up a fifth of golfers in the U.S. If women consider restrooms in their spending decisions for retail stores and restaurants, they will certainly consider them if a restroom visit requires a trip to the clubhouse and an interrupted golf game.”


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Reviews From Our Customers

Donna R.

Absolutely ......shoutout to chad from premier porta potty. Awesome service and sittin on my porch this morning and as quiet as a church mouse he snuck to the back 40 picked up three portas and snuck right back out at 5:30am. You rock my man.....

Mike H.

New and Clean Porta Potties, Great Service!