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Lowell, Indiana

You have devoted so much time to making everything perfect and you will want to ensure that the outdoor restroom receives the same attention. We have an array of porta potties that can give meaning to the idea of a “throne,” at very reasonable rental prices. It goes without saying that if you have invested in a party you want to make sure that everything meets your standards. We take pride in bringing quality for reasonable prices and the representative can answer your questions and review your preferences.


For those serving alchoholic beverages, we know that the more liquids that are consumed, the more that people will have to take breaks to use to the restroom. Our customer care representatives will map out recommended placements so that nobody is put in a compromising position that postpones their entertainment. Depending upon the type of restroom that you select, we may only need an electrical hookup but might also need water with a standard garden hose.


Portable restrooms need to accommodate the handicapped, but if the concert will have families with infants or very young children, you will need to have restrooms with changing areas and sanitized wipes. It will be a good idea to consider the larger units so both parent and child can move around comfortably. We specialize in a variety of services that complement and enhance the needs of our portable restroom facilities. Our team of professionals work with you to examine your requirements and offer guidance and suggestions that will be the best fit for you. We take pride in our technicians who are professionally trained and experienced in each of the services that we offer. Our customer care representatives will walk you through all of the options.


Lowell, IN About

Lowell is a town in West Creek and Cedar Creek townships, Lake County, Indiana, United States. The population was 9,276 at the 2010 census. Located five miles outside of the Great Lakes Basin, Lowell sought permission to pipe in lake water to replace city water drawn from its high fluoride deep wells. However, diversion of water out of the Great Lakes requires the approval of the Great Lakes Commission, which includes representatives of all the US states and Canadian provinces that border on the lakes. Lowell’s request was turned down in 1991. Lowell lies on the Valparaiso Moraine, almost on the Kankakee Outwash Plain. The town also lies near the St. Lawrence Seaway Divide.


Lowell, IN Helpful Resources

Lowell Chamber of Commerce

428 E Commercial Ave
Lowell, Indiana 46356
(219) 696-0231
Signature Banquets

1908 E Commercial Ave
Lowell, Indiana 46356
(219) 696-7696
Recycling Department

598 S Union St
Lowell, Indiana 46356
(219) 696-4455
Parks Department

17105 Cline Ave
Lowell, Indiana 46356
(219) 696-1570
Lowell Water Department

501 E Main St
Lowell, Indiana 46356
(219) 696-7794
Fairways Golf Course

15498 Hovey Street
Lowell, Indiana 46356
(219) 696-1571

Reviews From Our Customers

Donna R.

Absolutely ......shoutout to chad from premier porta potty. Awesome service and sittin on my porch this morning and as quiet as a church mouse he snuck to the back 40 picked up three portas and snuck right back out at 5:30am. You rock my man.....

Mike H.

New and Clean Porta Potties, Great Service!